The purpose and function of the Edmonton Service Office Society (the Board of Trustees) as stated in the ESOS Bylaws and Service Pamphlet is…

The purpose of the Edmonton Service Office Society shall be to provide services to the public and members of the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous as may be decided by the society in keeping with the aims of the fellowship. The purposes are to help make available the program of recovery that has been developed by the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous.

The Edmonton Service Office Society has two main statuses. Firstly, it is a service entity within the service structure of the Edmonton Area of Narcotics Anonymous directly responsible to the Edmonton Area Service Committee (Tradition 9). Second, is a lawfully incorporated entity, recognized as a non-profit Society by the province of Alberta under The Societies Act (RCA 1980). ESOS serves a role called a ‘fiduciary’, a body that is entrusted to assure liability and act on behalf of EANA, in legal matters. Primarily, this serves to protect individual members of NA from lawsuit when in committee service for EANA, such as organizing a convention. It’s like an extra layer of insurance.


ESOS Service Information Pamphlet

Edmonton Service Office Society Bylaws – July 2013

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