Note to all members of the fellowship that use emails ending in  If your email ends in @gmail. This does not affect you.

Our gmail server functionality has been compromised and will no longer receive new emails to any email addresses that end in

To address this, we are moving to a Microsoft based email server.  There are steps that you need to take to set up and connect to the new server.  Old emails are still present on the gmail system, but we will not be reviving that system as we go forward.

You will find 3 documents with links to view or download below.

Get Outlook, follow those instructions to set up Outlook on your device.

Optionally you may wish to move your old emails from the Gmail side (if you have any). This is a longer and challenging process, but the steps are in a document called Transfer old gmails.

As the internet evolves and things like e-transfers occur regularly, an increased level of security is required, many of you are familiar with two step authentications.  We need to add this to our routine as well.  Those steps are outlined in a document called Set up authentication.

If at any point this is all overwhelming, your email Administrator is here to help.  Reach out using the Contact form below or via email to or if you prefer, by cell or text 780-604-1440.  I have set up many over the phone, but occasionally have to meet in person.  I am at your service.

We thank you for your patience.

Yours in service,

Hal A,

Your email Administrator




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